Regenerative Medicine -Joint project with EASAC

FEAM is working on a joint project with EASAC to examine a range of issues for regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is an emerging medical endeavour aimed at tissue regeneration with small molecule drugs, biological therapies, medical or tissue-engineered devices, or cells and genes. It offers significant promise to tackle intractable diseases and there has been a fast pace of advance in the science, and in commercial interests.  

This EASAC-FEAM project focuses on stem cells as a case study, to identify opportunities and challenges. Well-characterised approaches may represent significant innovation for, hitherto, unmet medical needs but there are increasing problems of unregulated clinics promising a wide range of benefits on the basis of little evidence and, also, the potential for premature marketing on the basis of insufficient evidence. This project explores what is required to ensure a robust biological and clinical scientific basis, the implications for regulatory frameworks and for supporting education, research and innovation in regenerative medicine in the EU.  

A final report will be published soon. 

Members of the EASAC-FEAM Working Group: 

Volker ter Meulen (Chair, Germany) 

Robin Ali (UK) 

Lucie Bacakova (Czech Republic) 

Dominique Bron (Belgium) 

Giulio Cossu (Italy) 

Hermann Einsele (Germany) 

Goran Hermeren (Sweden) 

Jerome Larghero (France) 

Olle Lindvall (Sweden) 

Tamas Masszi (Hungary) 

 Antonio Campos Munoz (Spain) 

Christine Mummery (The Netherlands) 

Balazs Sarkadi (Hungary) 

Riitta Seppanen-Kaijansinkko (Finland) 

George Uzan (France) 

Secretariat: Robin Fears (EASAC) and Rosa Castro and Elisa Corritore (FEAM) 

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