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Conference: Sustainable AI to drive Global Health – 4 May 2023, 09.00 – 14.00 (CET)

Sustainable AI to drive Global Health
4 May 2023 | 09.00 – 14.00 (CET)
Gothenburg, Sweden | Online
Recording: here


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an important tool for achieving sustainability. Europe’s competitiveness and welfare are determined by how well we use the opportunities that can be created with AI.

On May 4, we invite you to participate in the conference “Sustainable AI to drive Global Health”, which will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, and online. The event, which will have the seal of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will be organised with the support of AstraZeneca, FEAM – through the FEAM Forum –, AI Sweden and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

At this conference, representatives, company leaders and representatives from public administration and academia will meet to exchange experiences and establish contacts. By building an ecosystem for relevant actors, the EU can become a hub for the development and use of sustainable AI and AI for sustainable development.

Join us for a gathering of experts to discuss how to keep the EU region globally competitive in biomedical research and development using data and AI.

Together we will showcase what is possible with AI and health data and what it takes to bring these ideas to life.



08:30 Arrive, coffee/tea

09:00 Welcome
Sebastiaan Meijer, Moderator, The European Digital Innovation Hub Sweden
Peder Blomgren, Vision and value, AstraZeneca

09:30 Opening Presentations from MPs and EC: What can be achieved with health data and AI? What barriers need to be broken?
Tolias Yiannos, Legal lead on AI and AI liability, DG Sante EU, Commission
Marie-Louise Hanel Sandstrom, Member of Swedish Parliament
Tomislav Sokol, EHDS Rapporteur European Parliament

10:00 Presentation: AI in Swedish healthcare system -Information-driven healthcare
Magnus Kjellberg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

10:20 Coffee break and networking

10:50 Engaging Panel: Articulating needs, barriers, and value for the EHDS legislation


  • Leornor Cerdá Alberich, Medical Research Institute La Fe University of Valencia
  • Milana Trucl, Policy Officer at European Patients Forum
  • Tomislav Sokol, EHDS Rapporteur European Parliament
  • Annemieke Ålenius, The Swedish eHealth Authority
  • Markus Kalliola, TEHDAS Finland

11:45 Engaging Panel– Implementing the AI Act in a global context | Practical challenges and opportunities across sectors


  • Markus Lingman, Region Halland
  • Robin Fears, Biosciences Programme Director at EASAC (European Academies’ Science Advisory Council)
  • Margi Sheth, AstraZeneca
  • Magnus Kjellberg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

12:40 Summing up, call to action and closing remarks
Fredrik Heintz, AI Sweden and Sebastiaan Meijer

13:00 Lunch and Networking

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