FEAM Forum publications


Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: is Europe ready? – Summary report of an annual lecture held on 18 March 2019, Palais des Academies, Brussels


Vaccination challenges and EU cooperation: what is the way forward? – Summary report of a workshop discussion held on 19 November 2018, Palais des Academies, Brussels

Companion diagnostics and precision medicine: regulatory and uptake barriers to patient access – Summary report of a roundtable discussion held on 27 September 2018

Biomedical and health research: developing a vision for Europe – Summary report of an annual lecture held on 21st March 2018

Use of animals in scientific research – Summary report of a round table discussion held on 28 March 2018


Use of data in cross-border biomedical research: what are the challenges ahead for Europe? – Summary report of a workshop held on 20 November 2017

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