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FEAM session on COVID-19 health impacts in Europe, 25th November – 14.00 – 15.45 (CET)

 9th Congress of Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy
FEAM session on COVID-19 health impacts in Europe
25th November 2021
14:00 – 15:45 CET
Online event/hybrid
Summary report: here

The 9th Congress of Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania, will run from the 25-27 November 2021. This year, the Congress will be held in a hybrid format with most of the speakers and moderators from Romania on site at the Faculty of Medicine, and the external speakers, as well as the audience, participating online.

This Congress typically involves international experts and more than 8000 medical professionals from Romania, providing updates on the latest developments across relevant medical fields. The 9th Congress will be an interdisciplinary symposium on the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

FEAM was invited to organise a session on COVID-19 health impacts in Europe. FEAM is a member of PERISCOPE, a Horizon 2020 research project aiming at investigating the broad socioeconomic and behavioral impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. This session is an opportunity to share and discuss PERISCOPE findings and future plans with a knowledgeable audience in Eastern Europe. The event will take place on the 25th of November, between 14:00-15:45.

You can find more about the 9th Congress of Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, here.


Prof. Stefan Constantinescu (FEAM President)
Prof. Dragos Vinereanu (President of the University Senate)
Prof. Simona Ruta (Carol Davila University of Medicine andPharmacy)

14:00 –1 4:15 Prof. Stefan Constantinescu, FEAM President “FEAM and pandemic related activities including PERISCOPE”-Followed by a 5-minute Q&A (slides)

14:20 – 14:35 Giuseppe Costa, Professor of Public Health, Medical School, University of Turin, Department of Biological and Clinical Science, PERISCOPE FEAM Expert lead “COVID-19 health inequalities in Europe” – Followed by a 5-minute Q&A (slides)

14:40 – 14:55 Maria Niemi, PhD., Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institute, Department of Global Public Health PERISCOPE Health Inequalities Work Package partner “Results of ananalytical report on the COVID-19 mental health impacts” – Followed by a 5-minute Q&A (slides)

15:00 – 15:40 Panel Discussion

Diana Paun, Presidential Adviser for Public Health representing the President ofRomania, Klaus Iohannis
Marco Brambilla, Professor, Politecnico di Milano and PERISCOPE lead of technical aspects of training modules, including one for local and regional authorities
Clare Bambra, Professor of Public Health, Population Health Sciences Institute, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University and expert in FEAM/ALLEA working group on health inequalities
Carmen Cristina Diaconu, Director, Stefan S Nicolau Institute of Virology, Bucharest and PERISCOPE FEAM Romanian representative

15:40–15:45 Closure statement by Prof. Stefan Constantinescu

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