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FEAM – Manifesto EU Elections 2019

In occasion of the coming EU Elections 2019, FEAM reaffirms its commitment to support the improvement of health in Europe.

We will continue to address current and future health challenges:

1. Multifactorial science issues such as antimicrobial resistance and the effect of pharmaceuticals in the environment require cross-disciplinary expertise. FEAM will continue to provide independent advice following an integrated “One Health” approach

2. Ageing population and rising health inequalities require evidence-based and effective approaches. FEAM will contribute with the expertise of its Members to address these challenges

3. New technologies such as regenerative medicine and Artificial Intelligence are offering countless opportunities as well as opening new questions for the medical sector. FEAM will lead discussions to ensure that these technologies are deployed in a way that respects legal and ethical standards, and works for the benefit of patients, professionals, health systems and society as a whole

4. Biomedical research is key to ensure new therapies as well as prevention and rehabilitation tools for all. FEAM will provide advice and policy expertise into setting the priorities and addressing the challenges faced by biomedical research in Europe



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