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FEAM signs joint statement on the future of animal research

FEAM welcomes the official response by the European Commission to the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) petition “Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics – Commit to a Europe without animal testing”. While we acknowledge that animal research should be discussed and regulated, we agree that we are not yet ready to completely phase it out.

Back in autumn 2022, the ECI urged the Commission to start working towards a roadmap for the phase-out of all animal testing in the EU. However, the Commission has explicitly stated that it rejects any legislative proposal for a phase-out or the establishment of ‘universal reduction targets’ in this regard.

The use of animals in research is heavily regulated in Europe to ensure the welfare of animals and the validity of research outcomes. Animal research has contributed significantly to scientific and medical advancements, leading to the development of new treatments, vaccines, and therapies that have improved human health and saved lives.

FEAM continues to promote research and debate of high quality and relevant animal science findings until viable alternatives are available to ensure continued progress in medical science.

Read the full statement here.

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