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Latest News from FEAM and its network – June 2019

2nd European ONE HEALTH Conference | 21-22 June 2019

The FEAM team is delighted to invite you to the next ONE HEALTH Conference organized in joint collaboration with the Spiru Haret University and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Executive President of the Conference:

Prof. Nicolae MANOLESCU, PhD, DVM

Honorary Presidents of the Conference:

Prof. George GRIFFIN, PhD, MD

Prof. André-Laurent PARODI, PhD, DVM

Official website of the ONE HEALTH Conference

Policy session Programme organized by FEAM


Deal for science: open petition

EU-LIFE, EuroScience and Wellcome have recently launched a petition calling for an agreement on scientific collaboration between the UK and the EU to avoid potential disruptive effects from Brexit. They are encouraging people across Europe to sign the petition.

For more information and to sign the petition, visit the following webpage: openpetition.eu/dealforscience


EASAC: Climate action urgently required to protect human health in Europe

New EASAC report “The imperative of climate action to protect human health in Europe” highlights an alarming range of health risks due to climate change, and the benefits of rapid phase out of fossil fuels

In this landmark report, the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (EASAC) focuses on the consequences of climate change for human health in Europe and the benefits of acting now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to stabilise the climate.

Download the report

Science Advice for Policy by European Academies – SAPEA

As one of the five academic partners involved in the EU-funded project SAPEA, FEAM has acted as lead network in two recent projects: A scientific perspective on microplastics in nature and society, which evidence review report was published in January 2019, and Transforming the future of ageing, which report will follow soon. Additional information about the previous event can be found here.


Transforming the future of ageing

“Society must tackle the challenges presented by ageing in every generation – not left until old age”, this is the key conclusion of a major new Evidence Review Report entitled Transforming the Future of Ageing, that will be published by SAPEA and lead by FEAM. The report reviews the best evidence on what public policies might help EU countries to achieve inclusive, fair and sustainable health and social care in the future. The best way to improve life outcomes in old age is to anticipate and tackle them in youth and middle age.

Public events will be organized in the coming months to present the overview of the report:

  • Bucharest – 20 June 2019 – Library of the Romanian Academy (2 pm-5.30 pm) => REGISTRATION OPEN
  • Paris – 27 June 2019 – National Academy of Medicine (2 pm-6.00 pm) => REGISTRATION OPEN
  • Jerusalem – 23 July 2019 – Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (2 pm-6 pm) => REGISTRATION OPEN
  • Madrid – 1 October 2019 – Real Academia Nacional de Medicina de España
  • Rome – 5 November 2019 – Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei => REGISTRATION OPEN

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