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Mission Board on Vaccination in Europe launches first Consensus Report

Thursday 21 March 2024 marked a significant milestone as we gathered at the European Parliament for the official launch of the Mission Board on Vaccination in Europe (MBVE) initiative. The Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM) has been a part of this project for one year. Representing FEAM on the board chaired by Walter Ricciardi is Prof. George Griffin, FEAM Past President.

MBVE also released of its first Consensus Report, presenting concrete recommendations aimed at strengthening immunisation systems across Europe. As a dedicated member of the MBVE, our core mission is clear: to identify ambitious yet achievable targets for strengthening vaccination policies and programs in Europe.

MBVE began its journey in March 2023, by bringing together multi-disciplinary academic experts, healthcare and public health professionals, civil society organisations, patient representatives, and industry. We collaborated to develop our Consensus report through a series of roundtable meetings, including multi-stakeholder working groups.

Read more about MBVE work here: https://missionvaccination.eu/

Click here to read the Consensus Report:

cover consensus report

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