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FEAM and UK Academy of Medical Sciences Host Workshop on EU Framework Programme 10

In a pivotal year for the European Union, the Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM) and the UK Academy of Medical Sciences are joining forces to organize a one-day workshop on the 20th of February 2024. This significant event aims to shed light on the design of the upcoming EU Framework Programme 10 (FP10), set to be launched in 2027. The timing of this workshop is especially crucial as 2024 marks both the European Parliament elections and the formation of a new Commission. Additionally, it commemorates 40 years since the inception of the first EU Framework Programme, highlighting the enduring importance of collaborative efforts in addressing global challenges.

Importance of Framework Programmes

Framework Programmes have been instrumental in fostering collaborative initiatives to tackle shared challenges, including those related to global health, climate change, and the responsible implementation of Artificial Intelligence. As Europe stands at the cusp of a new era, these programs play a pivotal role in shaping the continent’s research and innovation landscape.

The Role of European Academies of Medicine

European Academies of Medicine, as influential bodies at the intersection of science, medicine, and policy, hold a key position in shaping the future of European Research and Innovation. With a commitment to advancing health and biomedical research across the continent, these academies are uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights into the design and content of the next EU Framework Programme.

Objectives of the Workshop

The joint workshop organized by FEAM and the UK Academy of Medical Sciences aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Collecting Diverse Perspectives: By bringing together members from across the FEAM network, the workshop will facilitate discussions on the content, design, and focus areas of the next EU Framework Programme. This inclusive approach ensures a diversity of perspectives that consider the specific needs of health and biomedical research across Europe.
  2. Enhancing Collaboration: The workshop will identify key topics and actions that can enhance collaboration among academics from different countries represented within FEAM. Fostering increased cooperation and knowledge exchange is crucial for addressing complex challenges that transcend national borders.
  3. Building a Solid Evidence Base: Academies and participants will contribute evidence-based insights that can be leveraged to influence the design of FP10 at both the national and European levels.

As Europe prepares for a new chapter in its political and scientific landscape, the workshop organized by FEAM and the UK Academy of Medical Sciences represents an essential platform. By gathering the collective wisdom of European Academies of Medicine, this event is a great opportunity to reflect on the shaping of the next EU Framework Programme and  the future of European research and innovation, ensuring that it reflects the diverse needs and priorities of the Europe’s scientific and medical communities.

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