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AMR Stakeholder Network makes recommendations to the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy

The AMR Stakeholder Network has published today (23 November) a position paper on the EU Pharmaceutical strategy, with recommendations addressed to the European Commission.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) represents a global health threat, which continues to worsen, despite the emerging realisation of the severity and magnitude of this problem, including beyond expert spheres.

In the document, 18 European organizations, including FEAM, presented six recommendations addressed to the European Commission, on the EU Pharmaceutical strategy:

  • Empower and bring together all health professionals;
  • Explore new business models, better fit for the antimicrobial market and antimicrobial management;
  • Reduce dependence on antibiotics through consumption targets, prevention activities, research into non-antibiotic options and practices;
  • Strengthen institutions and clarify the role of HERA;
  • Walk the talk on environmentally sustainable antibiotics;
  • Explore the role of health promotion and prevention, and patient resilience as a strategy of prevention.

Read the AMR Stakeholder Network position paper on the EU Pharmaceutical strategy.

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