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FEAM expresses its support to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

FEAM calls for the Hungarian Government to continue supporting research excellence in Hungary by maintaining the current infrastructure, funding and scientific independence of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and its network of institutes.

While Orbán’s Government’s intention to strengthen innovation in Hungary is welcome, its proposed changes to national legislation affecting the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are of high concern to FEAM and its member Academies. The Academy plays a leading role in Hungarian research but restructuring plans developed by the Government without consulting the scientific community could have seriously detrimental consequences for both.  Public funding allocated to the Hungarian Academy for its research operations is expected to be reduced drastically and a large portion of its 2019 allocation has already been retained by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology.  Such a move will lead to the closure of many well-established research institutes and impact close to 4000 active researchers.  The planned restructure will also see the Academy’s ability to set its research agenda according to its own excellence criteria jeopardized.  In this context, retaining excellent scientists in Hungary will be challenging and developing better public-private partnerships to support innovation as recommended by the Academy will remain an issue of concern.

FEAM strongly supports calls by the academic community to redress the current situation and to provide the financial and structural means for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to remain a leader in Hungarian research.

See open letter of support from Professor George Griffin, President of FEAM

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