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Horizon Europe – How to collaborate with the UK? (Factsheet)


UK participation in Horizon Europe

The UK will associate to the EU’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme which will run from 2021 to 2027. The European Commission has published a Q&A document on the UK’s participation in Horizon Europe. As the first calls of Horizon Europe are launched, the Q&A confirms that UK entities are already eligible to apply. It explains the process, scope and main features of UK’s association to Horizon Europe. The ‘associated countries’ concept is not new. Horizon 2020 included 16 associated countries including Israel, Switzerland, Norway and Turkey.

What is associate membership?

UK associated membership means continued UK participation. UK entities will have equivalent participation rights to those from Member States, so can take part in projects and can also lead projects as coordinators. The UK can also participate in and input to programme governance structures (e.g. programme committees) and UK experts can continue to take part in peer review.

Can the UK take part in the first proposal calls of Horizon Europe?

Yes, the European Commission Q&A clearly states that UK entities will have full rights to participate in the first calls for proposals of Horizon Europe.

Beyond the Health Cluster

In Horizon 2020, 29% of projects including Health and Medical Sciences were funded in the Health Challenge. However, 71% of projects including Health and Medical Science were funded outside of the Health Challenge.

For more information on funding opportunities for Health and Medical Sciences outside of the Health Cluster please refer to the ‘related funding’ section of the KTN Global Alliance website.

Useful information

European Commission website on Horizon Europe.
UK KTN/NCP website on Horizon Europe Health Cluster.
European Commission Press Release.
The Work Programmes listing the calls and funding opportunities are in the ‘Work programme and call document’ section
The European Commission is held a series of information days including on the Health Cluster which are available to watch back.

Any questions?

The National Contact Points are here to help answer questions you may have about UK association and to provide free support to participants about any aspect of Horizon Europe.

The UK National Contact Points are:

Academia: Katie Dingley, ncp@mrc.ukri.org, 0044 (0) 7894 328259
Industry: Jo Frost, NCP-Health@innovateuk.ukri.org, 0044 (0) 7597 526 207

If you are from another sector (e.g. Charity, Government, National Health Service) please contact both Katie and Jo.
The full list of UK National Contact Points is available here and the National Contact Points for Europe and the rest of the world are available here.

Stay informed

If you would like to sign up for the UK newsletter on Horizon Europe Health then please email ncp-health@innovateuk.ukri.org

European collaboration on clinical trials infographic: BEACON infographic

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