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Open call for evidence for project ‘Transforming the Future of Ageing’

The European population is ageing rapidly and life expectancy continues to increase. Europe needs to ensure that the increasing numbers of elderly people can spend those extra years of life in good health, with adequate functional ability, and opportunities to contribute to society. To ensure healthy ageing of the European population, a broad range of aspects needs to be considered, such as the prevention of age-related disability, the development of sustainable healthcare and long-term care systems, and innovative ways of assistance and care-giving through integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT),  eHealth, and robotics in existing health-care systems.

In this project, SAPEA brings together eminent European scientists to explore/answer the question ‘What policies at the EU level could support the Member States in achieving inclusive, fair and sustainable systems of health and social care and to promote the taking up of innovation for ageing societies?’. Further information is available here.

This open call for evidence complements a review of the peer-reviewed scientific literature. Stakeholders are invited to upload relevant evidence (e.g. policy briefs, recommendation papers, scientific conclusions, scientific papers) published in English from 2010 onwards through the form found here.

Deadline: 2 July 2018.

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