Biomedical Research

The importance of biomedical research cannot be overstated. Research is needed to address the increasing disease burden and other challenges faced by European healthcare systems, including those arising from the current COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, bottlenecks such as fragmentations in the health research funding system, and limitations to the sustainability of funding, still persist in Europe.

Discussions with stakeholders

FEAM continuously engage with other stakeholders and policymakers to discuss biomedical research. In a joint activity with BioMed Alliance, FEAM recently partnered with influential policymakers and experienced researchers to have an open discussion on the future of European health research. A summary of this discussion, which took place in the European Parliament on 31 January 2020, is available in a report.

Other related activities

Several dialogues with stakeholders have also been organised by the Biomedical FEAM Forum. More information is available here.

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See all past publications and activities on Biomedical Research, including on Personalised Medicine, European Biomedical Research and Horizon Europe below.

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