Health Data and AI

FEAM has also worked together with other network Academies such as EASAC to provide evidence on the value of research and the need for collaborative activity and to optimize the use of health research data, for instance in previous discussions with the European Commission and Parliament “Protecting health and scientific research in the Data Protection Regulation’’).

Health Data and GDPR

FEAM has collaborated with numerous health stakeholders to issue recommendations in view of the discussions preceding the GDPR, for instance in “Ensuring a healthy future for scientific research through the Data Protection Regulation”.

International Transfer of Health Data for research

FEAM has just started a joint project to explore challenges and opportunities related to sharing health data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).

More about this first tripartite collaboration between FEAM, EASAC, and ALLEA including how to send your input related to the objectives of the project here.

Artificial Intelligence

The FEAM Biomedical Forum organised it 2019 annual lecture to discuss AI and healthcare in Europe. More information on this event, including a summary report are available here


For all past publications and activities on health data, digital health and AI, and more, see publications and events below.

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