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Reaching out to society: a SAM webinar

How can academies effectively reach out to society? How can they maximise the impact of their public engagement? 

The Academia Europaea Cardiff Hub has hosted an online event that outlined the purpose of public engagement, highlighted some of the latest trends and methods, and provided an opportunity for you to share knowledge and practices with peers across Europe.

The event, moderated by Toby Wardman (Head of Communications for the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism) and chaired by Ole Petersen (Academic Director of the Academia Europaea Cardiff hub), featured:

  • David Budtz Petersen (Professor of Science and Science Communication)
  • Wendy Sadler (Founder and Director at Science Made Simple)
  • Dr. Sandra Fendl (Scientific Policy Advisor at acatech)
  • Kim Krappala (Doctoral Researcher at the University of Turku)
  • Katalin Solymosi (Chair of the Young Academy of Europe)
  • Kiran Anderson (Head of Digital Communications at the Royal Academy of Engineering)

You can now watch the recording of the event.

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