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SAPEA Podcast: Prof. George Griffin talks about the science and policy of COVID vaccination


How do the COVID vaccines work? How do we prioritise recipients? What are the major decisions facing policymakers when executing a mass vaccination campaign?

FEAM President, Professor George Griffin, has recently participated in the Science for Policy podcast, where he talked about the science and policy of COVID vaccination.

“Vaccination is probably the most important thing in terms of infection, in addition to antibiotics, that have happened in medicine and we are now getting very sophisticated and clever in understanding how the immune system works and how to give vaccines which are strong and powerful”, said Professor George Griffin during the podcast.

Regarding COVID vaccination, the Emeritus Professor of Infectious Diseases and Medicine at St George’s, University of London, stressed that we live in times when vaccination has acquired a large share of the population’s attention and that we are witnessing a milestone in the area of vaccination, with all the development and progress achieved in recent months.

In the podcast, Professor George Griffin discusses on how to get jabs to developing countries, the origins of the anti-vax movement, and whether we should be worried about rare blood clots.

The Science for Policy podcast, produced by SAPEA, explores these questions and many more in conversation with the politicians, policymakers, academics and science communicators who make science advice happen around the world.

You can listen to the Science for Policy podcast, here.

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