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Joint White Paper on Sustainable AI for Global Healthcare

The white paper on “Sustainable AI to Drive Global Health” was published today (12 September 2023). The document, which results from a collaboration between FEAM – through the FEAM Forum –, AstraZeneca, AI Sweden and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, summarizes the important lessons and key messages of the homonymous conference, held in May this year in Gothenburg. It also provides a comprehensive roadmap for applying artificial intelligence (AI) to drive transformative change in healthcare systems in all the European countries.  

The discussion that resulted from last May’s conference served as a basis for this document. The event brought together the brightest minds in AI and healthcare, as well as policymakers and patient organizations. It served as a platform for experts to share their research, ideas, and innovations in the pursuit of sustainable and ethical healthcare solutions. 

The “Sustainable AI to Drive Global Health ” white paper addresses critical issues at the heart of global healthcare transformation. It outlines key strategies for integrating AI technologies into healthcare systems to improve patient treatments, help with drug discovery, reduce costs, and enhance accessibility. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations and data privacy in the development and use of AI in healthcare. 

Key highlights from the white paper include:  

  • Upcoming European legislations: Explores the potential of a European Health Data Space to establish common standards, protocols and rules for the use of health data across all the EU countries. 
  • Patient-Centered Care: Advocates for patient-centric AI solutions, ensuring that healthcare remains a personalized and compassionate field, always maintaining patient trust. 
  • Global Collaboration: Stresses the importance of data interoperability and the need for unified legislation and guidelines across countries and regions.  
  • Health Data Use and Ethical Framework: Provides a robust ethical framework to guide AI development and use, prioritizing fairness, transparency, and accountability.  

The “Sustainable AI to Drive Global Health” white paper is available for download on FEAM website. 

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