Medicinal products

Medicines and options for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases play a crucial role to improve peoples’ health and wellbeing and address challenges, including communicable diseases and health threats.

From scientific discovery to development, production, distribution and commercialisation of new medicines and therapies, regulatory and legal frameworks in Europe and the rest of the world are in place to ensure a health protection through the quality, safety and efficacy of medicinal products.

FEAM has often collaborated to produce scientific and policy advice in areas related to medicinal products and devices, especially with regard to new technologies and therapies in the biomedical area.

New Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

On September 2020, FEAM responded to the European Commission’s consultation on its new Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe. FEAM’s statement paper outlines its vision for the improvement of Europe’s biomedical R&D ecosystem requiring the development of a comprehensive health research strategy and stronger EU cooperation for the benefit of patients and citizens.

More on FEAM’s position statement

Regenerative Medicine

FEAM collaborated on a joint project with EASAC to examine a range of issues for regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is an emerging medical endeavour aimed at tissue regeneration with small molecule drugs, biological therapies, medical or tissue-engineered devices, or cells and genes. It offers significant promise to tackle intractable diseases and there has been a fast pace of advance in the science, and in commercial interests.  This joint project focuses on stem cells as a case study, to identify opportunities and challenges.

More information about the EASAC-FEAM joint project on Regenerative Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine statement

On 6 November 2019, FEAM published a Joint Statement with EASAC warning against unregulated use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Responding to the WHO’s inclusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine in its standard framework, the statement asked for a revision of the existing European regulatory framework to make sure Traditional Chinese Medicine is held to the same standards of proof and evidence as conventional medicine. EASAC and FEAM urged European lawmakers to protect the health of European citizens.

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For all past publications and activities on medicinal products and devices, including on Clinical Trials, Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing, Human Genome Editing, Precision Medicine,  and more, see publications and events below.

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