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Health and biomedical research impact of the war in Ukraine: a call for support and solidarity from the Board of the Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM)

First, we would like to express our deep concern for loss of life and the potential humanitarian disaster triggered by the war in Ukraine. We express solidarity with the people of Ukraine and with scientists and physicians whose livelihood and research are jeopardized and may be destroyed by the current Russian invasion. We call on our National Academies to express their solidarity with the biomedical community in Ukraine and to highlight the need to maintain and provide adequate support for continued research cooperation and training during these chaotic times.

We are deeply concerned by the impact that the war in Ukraine will have on the physical and mental health of its citizens, on its healthcare system and the capacity of its medical personnel to deliver care, especially to patients with acute and chronic diseases, in such extreme circumstances after two already challenging pandemic years; and on existing health inequalities, which will be further amplified. While emergency care must be provided to Ukraine now through European and international mechanisms to purchase and deliver urgent medical supplies and medicines, the longer-term impacts of the war on its citizens, its healthcare system and professionals, its biomedical research and its education services must not be underestimated. Support will require careful and sustained attention by all biomedical stakeholders and policy-makers with adequate and targeted resources. Last but not least, the potential for release of radioactive material and consequently of a One Health disaster is of utmost concern considering the potential damage to current and past nuclear plants.

FEAM and our Member Academies are assessing solutions to help in both the short and long-term.

Statements from our Member Academies, academic partners and FEAM Forum partners can be found here.

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