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Position paper on digital medication treatment in the European Health Data Space

On 2 March, the Alliance for the Digitalisation of Hospitals Medication Management Pathways, of which FEAM is an associated member, published a position paper on digital medication treatment in the European Health Data Space (EHDS). The document recognises the importance of implementing a EHDS and promotes five recommendations to the regulation proposed last year by the European Commission, “European Health Union: A European Health Data Space for People and Science“, focusing on Medical Treatment Data:

  1. Make hospitals and ambulatory care/day hospitals´ medication data provision to the EHDS more explicit in Articles 5 and 12 of the Regulation and in Annexe I of the document to ensure safe, quality care continuity for patients across the Union’s health care spectrum.
  2. Support countries and national ministries to invest in digitalisation, data generation and standardisation of hospital medication so hospitals can be fully integrated into the EHDS through patient summaries and e-prescriptions and e-dispensations.
  3. Empower regional and local healthcare providers and hospitals that play a crucial role in the process of making medication hospital data interoperable.
  4. Stimulate implementation and where needed development of data standards.
  5. Promote, and communicate, to hospitals and ambulatory care/day hospitals settings internationally accepted harmonised data standards to facilitate interoperable medication data to collect from healthcare settings into the EHDS.

Read the full position paper, here.

About the Alliance for the Digitalisation of Hospitals’ Medication Management Pathways

Founded in February 2022, by the European Health Management Association, the Alliance consists of NGOs representing patient and healthcare professional organisations to advocate for the implementation and upscaling of digital medication management tools in hospitals’ medication management pathways to enhance the quality of patient care, healthcare professionals’ well-being and the long-term resilience and economic sustainability of European hospitals.

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